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My name is Ian Maber.  

After teaching for over 20 years, I changed my career, and travelled the world, working with many high profile companies in technology and the entertainment industry  After a further 14 years I decided to take early retirement and relax a little more. 

   During my career I have been involved with some of the most well know names in entertainment and high end technology inc -Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, BBC. Apple, Microsoft and Intel.

I was the co-creator of a multi award winning software -nominated for a BAFTA and still widely used in schools globally


        Having worked in over 43 countries, and lived in several including India, Canada and the U.S. I have always been interested in storytelling and presenting. I love to create worlds of imagination and now take the audience with me on a journey inothese 'new worlds' so they too can become immersed in the story.

  I have written several short stories, poems, novels  a script and  with guidance from a friend  (Eric Chappell the creator of Rising Damp, Duty Free,Only When I Laugh and many others sitcoms) I have written 3 Sitcoms.

One project I have been working on for a while is a a series of  childrens short stories about a crazy family who live in a fantasy world in a garden.These are beautifuly illustrated and being prepared for  publishing.

   My life and times have featured in an article in my Local Press (Grantham Journal), on Gravity FM and I have  been  featured on the ‘Real Lives’ program on BBC radio.




    Having listened to a number of speakers throughout my career, many of whom were quite traditional (and dull), I felt that it would be more entertaining to take this whole concept, and create a new exciting and entertaining format.

   My presentations include animation, sound, and humorous tales,  all of which are designed to keep the audience captivated and laughing as they experience the world of The Teller of Tales.

            Talk Topics are a combination of storytelling and old

 fashioned stand-up comedy. Each one is unique and very visual.

   Many follow the exploits and adventures of an individual as he deals with life’s ups and downs, ( i.e. Living in India) whilst others focus on a specific topics looking at the more humorous side of life. (i.e. Lost in Translation.)

   All the presentations are ideal for a wide variety of audiences, and each comes with supporting visuals and  special effects.


   Quiz Topics are designed to provide fun, and entertainment, whilst getting the brain cells working! (ha ha)  Each one focuses on a different theme, but all follow this uniquely developed style.



   I get many repeat bookings and have had some verycomplimentarr remarks (See testimonials)  I'm sure you will be captivated, entertained and leave your event laughing all the way home.

Hope to see you soon.



I would like to say a big thank you for all the organisations and groups that have supported me over the past 4 years and continue to do so.

*  See the testimonials for further information   Click here





Ian Maber

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This drawing is 4ft by 2ft across on an interactive whiteboard. 

It took over 6 hours to complete and was on show n Saudi Arabia.


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  I actually found time to get married in August 2018.

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Another fun packed event at Skegness Men's Probus